New Updates From the Blue Jean Boomer

Ahhhh, Life is crazy at times, isn't it. Plenty of time one month, too little for the next several months. Today I have more than the usual so I've been doing lots of researching and writing - very enjoyable, I must say!

At Debt Help Ideas, I found some great info to share with you about two very reputable Christian Organizations that help people in debt. Larry Burkett was my "mentor" through his great books decades ago, and I'm pleased that his good work and ministry is continuing and multiplying. You can read about both of these ministries at Debt Help Ideas.

Also at Debt Help Ideas, I have a fun Rednesday post up with ideas, information, and ebooks about starting a work at home craft job business! I was visiting a knitting store recently and was astounded at how busy it was early on a Tuesday morning. Knitting and crocheting is alive and well and looking GREAT!

I oooohed and aaaaaahed at some of the delightful knit sweaters and mens and womens scarves they had there and asked if they were available to purchase. The saleslady said, "No. You have to make your own." All well and good for my friends and family who are awesome at knitting. But me, not so much. Plus I'm staying too busy writing.

The same is often true for high-powered executives who are too busy pushing the glass ceiling to be able to have time to knit. But wouldn't they LOVE to wear some of these gorgeous hand-crafted fashions. A light bulb went off - what a fun way of earning money at home while taking care of the kids and grandkids. And just for you, I did a bunch of research and found others who have done exactly that and written about it. I'd love to hear what you think about them. You'll find the article at Are You Interested In Stay At Home Jobs Like Knitting for a Profit?  After all, earning money at home is a great way to pay off your debts and start saving more! :) 

Well, that's it for now. Off to find more interesting information and ideas to share with you - all about creative and/or practical ways to save money as well as making extra money at home!